Indoor Flying

The indoor flying season is an opportunity to have some fun flying electric powered micro-aircraft in an indoor setting. These type of aircraft include airplanes, helicopters, and multicopters. All of these can be purchased ready-to-fly, built from kits, or designed and built from scratch. Please join us to have some fun flying with other pilots and to experience the challenge and fascinating technology of lightweight remote controlled flight. Spectators are welcome too.


Event Info

  • Dates: Check calendar
  • Time: Check calendar
  • Location: Grand Ledge Baptist Church, 1120 West Willow Highway, Grand Ledge, MI
  • Parking: Free, west side of the church facilities
  • Restroom facilities available
  • Coordinator: Paul Koelada (

Pilot Info

  • Landing Fee: $5.00
  • Current AMA  Required
  • Flying area: full size (84’ x 50‘) high school basketball gym with additional room along the sides.


Aircraft Requirements:

  • All aircraft
    • Must utilize electric propulsion.
  • Airplanes
    • May not exceed 2.5 oz.
    • Airplanes weighing 1.5oz or greater, must have wing loading and maneuverability, so that aircraft may be flown under positive control, within the flying area.
    • Home built kit airplanes as well as in-home designed and built airplanes are permitted
  • Helicopters
    • Fixed pitch single rotor fixed and coaxial may not exceed 4 oz.
    • Collective pitch may not exceed 2 oz.
    • Multicopters/Quadcopters may not exceed 6 oz.
    • Multicopters weighing greater than 2 oz. must have propeller guards installed


Special rules for indoor flying

CARDS Rules: Only pilots are allowed in the flying area. Spectators are welcome along the sides of the gym near the entryway.

Church Rules: No smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises. Language must be respectful of church members and the surrounding church facilities.


For more information, or to be listed on the registered indoor flyers list contact Paul Koleda by e-mail (preferred) at or by phone at 517-980-1048.

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