Student Nights

During the summer months and as weather permits, the C.A.R.D.S. club cunducts Student Sessions. Club instructors will assist you by checking your plane and teach you how to fly. To fly unassisted at the field, you must have demonstrated the ability to safely handle your plane on the ground and in the air to the flight instructors. Until you have done so, you must be assisted by one of our designated flight instructors. We recommend first becoming able to fly fixed wing aircraft and then if interested move onto Helicopters and or drones.

 Things you will need if you wish to learn to fly

  • You must join the AMA. CARDS rules require AMA membership to fly at the field. A temporary 90 day Intro Pilot AMA membership is available. Ask about this free program if interested.
  • Join the CARDS club. Details available upon request.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Field Rules and Flight Guidelines
  • A trainer type aircraft
  • A Transmitter radio, generally of at least 4 channels
  • Support equipment for your aircraft such as fuel, batteries, glow igniter, starter, screwdrivers, volt meter etc.

Instructors will generally teach you how to fly, and how to properly handle your airplane both in the air and on the ground in a safe manner. Flying model airplanes is an activity that has some inherent risk involved, and can lead to serious injury if you do not learn to operate it safely. By working with our instructors, you will learn how to operate your aircraft in a manner that will keep you, your airplane, and other people in the area safe. It will also greatly improve the chances of your aircraft having a nice, long life. Contact someone at the club to obtain a list with phone numbers of instructors who will help get you started and coordinate with you a suitable time to meet at the field. In the past we held set student nights. Currently the instructors coordinate the time and day with the students based on availability and weather conditions.

Suggested trainer aircraft include the Sig Kadet Senior, Sig Kadet Seniorita, Sig Kadet LT-40, Great Planes PT-40 or PT-60, or a Hobbico NexSTAR. Other good choices are Hobbyzone Aeroscout, Eflite Apprentice or Freewing Pandora. Working with a suitable trainer airplane is key to learning. If you want to try flying a few times yet unsure of investing contact us. Often we have trainer planes which can be used to give you an intial hands on expereince. This is a great way to get more familiar before spending money on equipment.

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