Student Nights

During the summer months the C.A.R.D.S. club runs Student Nights on Tuesday evenings. Weather permitting, there will generally be several of the clubs instructors that will be on hand to help you learn how to fly. To fly unassisted at the field, you must have demonstrated the ability to safely handle your plane on the ground and in the air to the flight instructors. Until you have done so, you must be assisted by one of our designated flight instructors.


Things you will need if you wish to learn to fly

  • You must join the AMA. CARDS rules require AMA membership to fly at the field
  • Join the CARDS club
  • Familiarize yourself with the Field Rules and Flight Guidelines
  • A trainer type aircraft
  • A radio, generally of at least 4 channels
  • Support equipment for your aircraft such as fuel, glow igniter, starter, screwdrivers, volt meter etc.

On student nights there will generally be several instructors available to teach you both how to fly, and how to properly handle your airplane both in the air and on the ground to be safe. Flying model airplanes is an activity that has some inherent risk involved, and can lead to serious injury if you do not learn to operate in a safe manner. By working with our instructors, you will learn how to operate your aircraft in a manner that will keep you, your airplane, and other people in the area safe. It will also greatly improve the chances of your aircraft having a nice, long life. You'll note that the previous paragraph said that generally there will be instructors available on student nights. If there are storms in the area, or if it's very windy, there may be nobody at the field. If it's only wind, sometimes there will be people standing around chatting, hoping the wind dies down to an acceptable level.


Suggested trainer aircraft include the Sig Kadet Senior, Sig Kadet LT-40, Great Planes PT-40 or PT-60, or a Hobbico NexSTAR. There are now a number of electric trainers like the Hobbico Sensei as well that are outstanding!

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